The Cube series are a collection of modular outdoor stools available as a single, double or three seater bench. The hand-hammered solid metals are finished in brass, cooper or in aluminium. Seat cushions are modular and available in all three fabric groups or as a special order with hand made crochet covers.

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Cube 1
SKU: cube-1
Frame in Metal Brass/Cooper
Size W: 45/18", D: 45/18"
Seat H: 45/18"

Cube 2
Two-Seater Bench
SKU: cube-2
Size W: 45/18", L: 90/36"
Seat H: 45/18"

Cube 3
Three-Seater Bench
SKU: cube-3
Size W: 45/18", L: 135/54"
Seat H: 45/18"

Cube Angle
Angled Bench
SKU: cube-45
135 degrees angle
Size W: 45/18", L: 135/54"
Seat H: 45/18"