4L Stool

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4L Counter Stool / Bar Stool

4L Counter and Bar Stool is a modern aluminum frame that is extruded on a custom aluminum profile.  The 4L stool are available in the following combinations, a woven single or two tone seat surface, wood panel insert in teak or walnut or a woven seat surface with the edges finishes in solid wood.

A modern and versatile design that can fit into many different types projects. An optional 3mm footstep inserted available in stainless or brass.

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4L Counter Stool
SKU: 4LS-24
Woven Seat Surface
Teak Insert - TK
Woven Seat / Teak Side Bar - T
PC Legs
Dimension: W: 46/18", L: 44/17"
Seat D: 39/15.3"
Seat H: 61/24"

4L Bar Stool
SKU: 4LS-30
Woven Seat Surface
Teak Insert - TK
Woven Seat / Teak Side Bar - T
PC Legs
Dimension: W: 44/17"
Seat D: 39/15.3"
Seat H: 76,2/30"